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Using EZ JCom from Unix,Linux,Mac or other machines

Using EZ JCom, COM objects can be accessed from any platform that provides a Java implemntation.

Please note that by using EZ JCom you will not be able to actually run the COM object itself on the Unix/Linux/Mac machine! The COM object runs on Windows, and your Java program can access it from the Unix/Linux/Mac platform. Therefore visual UIs of the COM objects cannot be displayed on the Unix/Linux/Mac platforms.

There are no changes necessary to the Java program in order to make it run on the Unix/Linux/Mac (remote) platform. Therefore, the recommended approach is to get your program fully working on Windows in the "native" mode.

Once the program is working, you can set up the provided "Remote Access Service" on the Windows machine, move your program to the remote machine, and continue to use it as you were using it on Windows.

For more details, please read the documentation topic "Calling COM objects from a remote machine". In particular, note that when you run the EZ JCom tool, you must check the checkbox "Build Remote Access file". This will generate the necessary EZ JCom wrapper files that will be moved to the remote machine.

The Remote Access Service allows calling COM methods and retrieving results from the remote machine, as well as receiving event callbacks.

The Remote Machine does not have to be a non-Windows machine. The Remote Access Service can also be used for calling COM objects remotely from other Windows machines.