Call COM/ActiveX from Java
Call Java from C# or Visual Basic
Build a COM/ActiveX component for Java classes in 15 minutes
Build a Java API for any COM/ActiveX component in 15 minutes
Sophisticated Java .NET Bridge

EZ JCom is a software tool for integrating Java and .NET.

It allows accessing Java classes from .NET (from C#, Visual Basic, C++ etc), and COM components built using C++, Visual Basic, C# etc. from Java.

When accessing Java from .NET, in addition to being able to instantiate and access methods and fields of Java objects, Java events can also be received in .NET as .NET events, using the delegate mechanism in C#, and using WithEvents or delegates in VB.NET.

Exceptions thrown in Java are turned into .NET exceptions, complete with the original stack trace.

Any Java class, including system classes such as java.* or javax.* classes, can be wrapped into an ActiveX DLL using EZ JCom.

The ActiveX DLL generated by EZ JCom can be simply added as a "Project Reference" to the C# or VB project, and the Java classes will be immediately available. Visual Java components (Swing/AWT) can be utilized by adding them to the toolbox, and dragging and dropping them onto forms etc.

EZ JCom is highly flexible. It allows a high degree of control over the Java "classpath" and the JVM ("Java Virtual Machine".) Therefore if your Java classes were compiled with a particular version of Java, you need not worry that they will become deprecated and obsolete when new versions of Java come along! You can choose to bundle and use a particular version of Java for your Java classes, regardless of what version of Java is installed on the machine. Or even if no Java is installed on the machine! Your software can just bring along its own pre-packaged version of Java.

EZ JCom does not require learning low level details. EZ JCom works as a plug-and-play development technology. It works right out of the box.

In addition to allowing calls to Java from .NET, EZ JCom also builds bridges in the other direction. Java programs can easily call COM components written in C#, VB, C++ etc. Java programmers can also easily call things like the Internet Explorer or Excel Automation APIs. For details on the Java-to-COM direction, please see our home page.

Because EZ JCom is a high level tool, evaluating EZ JCom doesn't take a lot of time. If you know the Java classes and/or the COM file you want to access, for small projects it will take you 15 minutes or less to generate an API! To begin EZ JCom evaluation, please proceed to the download page.