Call COM/ActiveX from Java
Call Java from C# or Visual Basic
Build a COM/ActiveX component for Java classes in 15 minutes
Build a Java API for any COM/ActiveX component in 15 minutes

This product is no longer supported.

Quick, easy bridge building. High-level professional quality tool.

(For 32-bit Java and 32-bit COM objects. Simpler 64-bit bridges can be built.)

Using EZ JCom, you can

  • Call COM/ActiveX components written in any language, from Java.
  • Call Java from COM-aware languages such as C#, Visual Basic or Visual C++.
  • Automate programs such as Microsoft Excel, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Windows Media Player etc using Java.

No knowledge of C++ or COM is necessary.

EZ JCom can be used on Windows platforms to access COM/ActiveX components locally. It can also be used from non-Windows platforms (such as Unix, Linux, Mac, or Handhelds) by using the included Remote Access Service. For details of using EZ JCom from non-Windows platforms, please see the Remote Access page.

For those who need advanced control over COM/ActiveX or whose COM/ActiveX components are complex, EZ JCom also includes support for choosing STA vs MTA, complex data types such as records, variants, arrays, arrays of records, multi-dimensional arrays, reverse callbacks from COM objects into Java for event handling, and more.

Because of its plug-and-play nature, EZ JCom is perfect for developers and teams that have better things to do with their time than learning complex and error-prone low level details with limited usage! EZ JCom is high level, transparent, and does not involve its users in low-level detail. EZ JCom just works, right out of the box. It handles even very advanced COM concepts, and does so in a transparent way. It uses Java Native Interface, so it has very high performance. And still, it can be called from other platforms when required.

For a list of features available in the other direction -- when calling Java from .NET (C#, VB.NET) or earlier versions of VB -- please see our .NET page.

EZ JCom is in use at a large number of major firms all over the world. The evaluation version is very simple to use. Just give it a try!

To begin EZ JCom evaluation, please proceed to the download page.